Jurisdiction By Law (Section 1) Filing Fees

To initiate or process an application or claim, all relevant fees must be paid in full. Please refer to the Filing Fee structure below:

Determination of Case Fees - As per Section 1, Article 10:

  1. The fees for all applications and/or cases filed with BCDR-AAA are determined in accordance with the Kingdom of Bahrain's Judicial Fees Legislative Decree and its respective Fee Schedule.
  2. All fees shall be calculated as per the Judicial courts of Bahrain.
  3. Fees may only be postponed or exempted, partially or in full, by an order from the Minister of Justice and Islamic Affairs.

Relative Fees - Determined Value Claims:

Where a claim is of a determined value a relative fee will be issued in accordance with the Fee Schedule of the Judicial Fees Legislative Decree.

The Relative Fee will amount to approximately 2% of the total claim. A cap of BHD30,000 is applied to initial filing fees. The remaining balance will be due after a final judgment is issued.

Fixed Fees - Undetermined Value Claims:

Where a claim is of an undetermined or unknown value there will be an initial fixed fee of BHD30. This fee applies to all claims of undetermined value such as requests for precautionary measures - which may include a travel prohibition order or provisional seizure of funds imposed - as well as grievances filed relating to such judgment orders.

A fixed fee is imposed per claim or request. The total amount is not included in the cap applicable to determined value claims, nor is there a limit or cap on the amount of fixed fees levied.

Other Fees

A fee of BHD1 is imposed on ‘plaint papers', used on submission of cases or applications.
A fee of BHD1 is imposed to cover ‘notifications' upon a case or request being filed with BCDR-AAA.