A party commences a mediation under the BCDR-AAA Rules by submitting a request for mediation.  

The process of filing the request is governed by Article 2 of the BCDR-AAA Mediation Rules. Any party to a dispute may initiate mediation under the BCDR-AAA’s auspices by making a request for mediation to the BCDR-AAA office via email, regular mail, or fax.

Formal Requirements, Information, and Documentation as per Article 2 of the BCDR-AAA Mediation Rules

The party initiating the mediation shall simultaneously notify the other party or parties of the request. The initiating party shall provide the following information to the BCDR-AAA and the other party or parties as applicable:

  1. A copy of the mediation provision of the parties’ contract or the parties’ stipulation to mediate.
  2. The names, regular mail addresses, email addresses and telephone numbers of all parties to the dispute and representatives, if any, in the mediation.
  3. A brief statement of the nature of the dispute and the relief requested.
  4. Any specific qualifications the mediator should possess. Where there is no pre-existing stipulation or contract by which the parties have provided for mediation of existing or future disputes under the auspices of BCDR-AAA, a party may request the BCDR-AAA to invite another party to participate in “mediation by voluntary submission”. Upon receipt of such a request, the BCDR-AAA will contact the other party or parties involved in the dispute and attempt to obtain a submission to mediation.

Filing Fee: The non-refundable case set-up fee is $250 per party.